Kamasutra video

Take your sexual life to the next level and learn numerous of the best sex positions with this video.

You don’t have to be a gymnast to have a great sex.

Kamasutra video 2013

55:00 minutes video with English voice over explaining what the man should do and what the woman should do for a better experience.

Kamasutra 2013 Video

Video contains more than 60 ways of making love + many unique tips for couples.

Sex positions are divided to these 8 chapters:

  • Chapter One: Oral Sex
  • Chapter Two: Man on Top
  • Chapter Three: Woman on Top
  • Chapter Four: Side by Side
  • Chapter Five: From Behind
  • Chapter Six: Sitting and Standing
  • Chapter Seven: Advanced
  • Chapter Eight: Anal

Gallery of the video:


There is no one perfect position. Everyone has its own preferences. To find out which is the best for you (and your partner) watch this unique learning video showing real sex scenes with real people not only in bedrooms.

Great sex is limited only by your own imagination

Buy now:

A great gift to your partner. Only 9.99 USD for whole video. Video will be delivered online by downloadable link within 24 hours to your email inbox.

Currently not available

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